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Lougheed Hwy heading West

Do you live in Maple Ridge? You know then how bad and frustrating Vancouver traffic can be. Perhaps you find yourself crossing Pitt Bridge on a regular basis. We hope to provide you with less stress when dealing with Pitt bridge traffic. Use Lougheed Hwy traffic cameras to plan your driving. We have every available traffic camera for Pitt bridge and Lougheed Hwy. This page and camera images will not auto refresh. Bookmark our site and check the traffic before you leave home or before you make plans. If you know what's coming, you won't need to rush out the door and you won't need to run yellow lights. Plan better and make life better for yourself. Use the technology!

Lougheed Hwy traffic quick links:

Lougheed Hwy at Dewdney Trunk and Kennedy Rd
Pitt bridge traffic - East side camera- Maple Ridge
Pitt bridge traffic - West side camera - Maple Ridge
Mary Hill Bypass at Lougheed Hwy - Maple Ridge BC
Lougheed Hwy looking west - Maple Ridge BC

lougheed hwy traffic

maple ridge pitt bridge traffic


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maple ridge bc Looking East Zoomed on Lougheed Hwy at Kennedy Rd - Maple Ridge maple ridge bc

maple ridge bc


maple ridge bc Looking East on Lougheed Hwy at Kennedy Rd - Maple Ridge maple ridge bc

maple ridge bc


maple ridge bc Looking West on Lougheed Hwy at Kennedy Rd to Pitt River bridge maple ridge bc

maple ridge bc


maple ridge bc Looking West at Pitt River Bridge Deck - Pitt Meadows - Maple Ridge maple ridge bc

maple ridge bc


maple ridge bc Looking South West on Mary Hill Bypass - Highway 7maple ridge bc

maple ridge bc


Daily Driving Tip

U-Turns at Traffic Lights
Tue, 2004-04-06 23:00 — DriveSmartBC

Intersections with traffic lights are the busiest and most controlled areas that we travel through as we drive on B.C.'s highways. They are also the most dangerous, because in 2002 more than 42% of collisions occurred at these locations. If you lose your way, making a U turn here is not an option.

[ click here to read more ]

pitt bridge trafficThe New Pitt River Bridge and Mary Hill Interchange

For too many years we've been waiting for an improvement to a brutal commute. Yes, the dreaded Pitt Bridge! The wonderful artistic rendition picture on the left is of the "new" Pitt River Bridge. Notice the Mary Hill Interchange? It's a thing of beauty. The current counterflow traffic system will be a thing of the past! The expected completion date for the new Pitt River Bridge is late 2009.

Here is what you can expect Maple Ridge commuter! There will be 3 westbound lanes of traffic and 4 eastbound bridge traffic lanes. It's built as a friendly bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. Now you have no excuse. Grease up your bike for your ride into Vancouver...

The Lougheed Hwy and Mary Hill Bypass will be a thing of the past. Instead, it will be replaced by on and off ramps allowing for traffic to flow freely. Yes, they say traffic will flow freely. Is that possible regarding Vancouver traffic? I guess it may be!

It will be versitile enough for future additions for a rapid transit system and for HOV additions. Without a doubt, this will be a Pitt Bridge traffic reliever. I'm sure with this up and running, many more people will consider moving to Maple Ridge.

There are some good resources for you Maple Ridge residents! You can check out more information on the BC government website for the project which is here.

Commute often from Maple Ridge or deal with the Pitt Bridge often? We live in such a beautiful city and the entire lower mainland is beautiful. It's a shame that we drive our vehicles and deal with driving stress on a daily basis. Our suggestion? Enjoy your time and your surroundings. Simply plan your driving by checking traffic cameras before heading out the door. You won't stress and you certainly won't be rushing if you know that there is a long delay for getting across Pitt Bridge. If you live in Maple Ridge, you know about Lougheed Hwy and Pitt Bridge traffic. A source of regular frustration I'm sure. Use the available technology and improve your life and enjoy it more. Perhaps you won't even bother heading our the door if you see with your own eyes the Pitt Bridge traffic. We hope you visit again!


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